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Pain Management Treatments in the San Diego, CA Area


Pain Management Treatments In The San Diego, CA AreaSorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to successfully manage acute and chronic pain conditions. We are dedicated to care that facilitates personalized treatment with advanced procedures. Our team takes the time to fully investigate the cause of your pain and select the best solutions for your specific needs

  • Discover the primary source of pain
  • Decrease pain and restore mobility and functionality
  • Reduce medical complications of pain
  • Give patients an active role in their pain management

Our clinic features a variety of services designed to diagnose, treat, and relieve pain through medical and alternative methods. Every procedure is performed in order to ease discomfort and help patients attain the highest level of functionality possible.

  • Interventional Procedures — specialized treatments for chronic pain

    Pain affects every aspect of your life. Whether it is a result of arthritis, diabetes, injury or illness, it can make the easiest tasks seem difficult. Making a proper diagnosis and receiving appropriate medical care are essential components for lasting pain relief.

    Sometimes medication and physical therapy are not enough to relieve chronic pain. For these situations, we use interventional procedures to pinpoint and direct treatment to the source of discomfort.

    Depending on your condition, these procedures may involve injections or medications that reduce discomfort. Interventional pain relief techniques can address a number of disorders, including low back and neck pain, muscle or bone pain, chronic headaches, and mouth or face pain.

  • Opioid Therapy — medical treatments that maximize the relief of chronic pain.

    Chronic pain can be managed with proper use of opioid therapy. Overuse of opioids is a concern in modern medicine and we administer them only to patients with severe pain.

    Our opioid protocol adheres to guidelines set by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. We work with each patient carefully to ease discomfort with as few side effects as possible. These treatments are aimed at finding the root cause of pain and may be combined with interventional procedures if needed.

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