Cold Laser Therapy

San Diego Cold Laser Therapy at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief


The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser

Developed in 1985, the Microlight ML830® Cold Laser is FDA approved for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, as well as neurological disorders, connective tissue conditions, and soft tissue pain. This device is a low energy laser (cold laser) that produces infrared light at 830 nm wavelength per diodes.

The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser is a battery-operated, handheld, noninvasive battery-operated, light-emitting medical device. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) does not harm body tissue as does cosmetic and surgical lasers, which produce thermo-destructive energy and heat. The Microlight ML830® is a portable device that has been used for over 30 years, demonstrating much medical safety and efficacy.


FDA Clearance

The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser is indicated for:

  • Temporary relief of joint pain
  • Minor muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • Promotion of tissue relaxation
  • Increase in local blood circulation
  • Hand and wrist pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)


How it Works

Cold Laser Therapy at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief in San Diego CA

The action of the Microlight ML830® involves photo-stimulation of light reactive receptors called chromophores, which are in the body. The LLLT has the ability to enhance the body’s natural defense and repair body components affected by inflammation, injury, and certain disease processes. The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser modifies the effects of inflammation, limits the duration of body injury, and enhances certain healing processes. The treatment provides long-lasting pain relief, improves function, and reduces injury damage.


Cold laser light can penetrate deeper than other waveforms. Additionally, the Microlight ML830® Cold Laser activates increased cell activity, as well as stimulates oxidative metabolism via cytochrome C oxidase and hemoglobin photosensitization. Increased endorphin release and prostaglandin synthesis will provide powerful effects on damaged connective, skeletal, and neurological structures and tissues. The low-level laser produces photos-stimulated enzyme release, which results in decreased inflammation and immunomodulation. The laser results in enhanced healing response, collagen synthesis and production, and improved lymphatic, enzymatic, and vascular activity.


The Results

The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser can repair and heal tissue structures. After only one treatment, you can expect the following results:

  • Increased vasodilation
  • Enhanced nerve regeneration
  • Increased collagen production
  • Reduced inflammatory duration
  • Increased cell metabolism
  • Increased pain threshold
  • Reduced edema magnitude
  • Increased cell membrane potential
  • Increased enzyme response
  • Increased lymphatic response
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Increased tissue and bone repair

San Diego Cold Laser Therapy

Why 830 NM

When evaluating low-level cold lasers, 830 nm offers the greatest depth of tissue penetration. In treating connective and soft tissue injuries and conditions at our San Diego pain relief center, the aim is to deliver the most effective laser wavelength to the area. After more than 30 years of scientific studies and clinical research, results show a positive reaction of biologic cells, and wavelengths of 830 nm penetrate more deeply. The clinical evidence shows, in contrast to other wavelengths, 830 nm laser light provides the best reaction.

Sorrento Valley Pain Relief offers cold laser therapy as an amazing nonoperative treatment

The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser delivers light into the tissue in the shape of a small egg. Dependent on the wavelength of light, the 830 nm of cold laser light is not as readily absorbed by skin surface and blood components, which allows for maximum tissue penetration. A recent study confirmed that responses to LLLT are dependent on power output, wavelength, and dose delivered.

The Treatment Session

For most patients, laser therapy is painless and no shocks are felt. The Microlight ML830® Cold Laser has no pulsating shocks, no electrical stimulation, and no heat. The probe moves along the skin, which is mild pressure. A small percentage of people report feeling a slight tingling sensation and a sense of warmth. The session lasts for 10-20 minutes, depending on the body region being treated. Approximately 80% of patients notice immediate pain relief and improvement in their condition following a session. Most disorders require 5-10 treatment sessions.


Sorrento Valley Pain Relief offers cold laser therapy as an amazing nonoperative treatment for arthritis, soft tissue injury, spinal stenosis, auto accident injuries and more. Call us today!

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