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One of the most effective ways to treat acute and chronic pain is chiropractic care. This natural method of healing evaluates the whole person and interactions between body parts. Chiropractors identify the cause of pain by weighing several factors, including nutrition, genetics, and level of physical activity.

San Diego Chiropractor Treatment At Sorrento Valley Pain Relief

Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA specializes in chiropractic care that achieves optimal health and wellness. We focus on procedures that maintain your health by naturally boosting immune function and resisting disease.


Our Services Include:

  • Manual Adjustments
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Ultrasound or Massage Therapy

We begin with a detailed evaluation that includes a case history, physical examination, and laboratory testing if needed. Our chiropractors work with team members to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. Modalities are used that encourage the body’s internal systems to communicate properly again.


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Chiropractic Care San Diego CA Sorrento Valley Pain Relief

FAQs on San Diego Chiropractor Treatment at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief


What Conditions will Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Chiropractic treatment focuses on misalignment of joints, as well as joint damage, spine disorders, and spinal problems. Chiropractic therapy is used for several conditions, and it can correct general posture as well as localized joint issues. Many people report improvement in overall well-being after chiropractor therapy.


What can the chiropractor do for back problems?

About one-third of people who see a chiropractor do so due to back problems. These 22 million Americans seek treatment for localized pain, general discomfort, postural issues, and chronic musculoskeletal issues. To treat back pain, the chiropractor creates a customized treatment plan, which includes:

  • Adjustment – The chiropractor will use a special device to apply mild pressure to your vertebrae and move these spinal bones into proper position.
  • Mobilization therapy – This involves gently extending and shifting muscles and joints for the purpose of improving your mobility.
  • Roller or traction table treatment – The chiropractor uses a specially designed piece of equipment that massages the upper, middle, and lower back regions. This therapy reduces tension and releases muscles.
  • Ultrasound therapy – The practitioner uses ultrasonic waves to decrease swelling and release the affected joints.
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) –This externally worn device involves placing electrodes on the skin to pass mild electric current through them. This decreases pain signal transmission while reducing inflammation and encouraging healing.
  • Hydrotherapy – To reduce back pain and alleviate muscle tension, the chiropractor has you soak in a warm pool or use moist compresses.


What can the San Diego chiropractor do for arthritis?

Arthritis affects millions of people in the U.S. This condition results in joint swelling, limited range of motion, and pain. To restore joint function and alleviate discomfort, the chiropractor can use:

  • Trigger point therapy – This involves the use of chiropractic devices or massage to adjust arthritic joints and provide pain relief.
  • Joint manipulation exercises – The chiropractor can stretch tissues to reduce inflammation and improve mobility.
  • Cold laser therapy – This involves using lower level wavelengths to the affected joints, which decreases swelling and pain.
  • Orthopedic devices – These include braces, special pillows, and other tools that help make daily activities easier.


Can chiropractic treatment help with headaches?

Most patients with chronic headaches suffer with tension-type headaches (stress headaches). These headaches create a dull soreness behind the eyes and around the temples, as well as discomfort in the top of the head and lower jaw. Common chiropractic treatment techniques for tension-type headaches include:

  • Adjustments – This involves putting the muscles in proper position while applying gently pressure on certain trigger points to relieve tension.
  • Posture training – This helps you improve posture during daily activities and work.
  • Ergonomic tools – These devices can help the client avoid muscle spasms and remain comfortable.


What chiropractic treatment works well for neck pain?

The neck is one of the most delicate parts of the body, containing seven small vertebrae. The chiropractor can adjust the cervical spine and surrounding joints to restore neck motion and spinal health. Options for therapy include:

  • Cervical adjustment and manipulation – The chiropractor uses cervical mobilization, which is a form of massage around and across the neck’s normal range of motion. Manual traction helps stretch neck muscles forward and backward, using an adjustment table.
  • Electrical stimulation – To diminish tightness and inflammation, the chiropractor passes low-frequency electrical energy through neck joints.
  • Soft tissue massage – This is a special technique designed to relieve neck tension and muscle tightness.

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