Posture & Body Mechanics

Body mechanics is a term used to describe the way we hold our bodies, including standing, sitting, lifting, and even sleeping. Poor body mechanics or posture can have a very negative affect on your body, particularly on your spine and back. At Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center, we specialize in using various techniques designed to realign your spine and get your posture and body mechanics in peak condition.


A Treatment Plan Designed for You

Posture & Body Mechanics Services in San Diego, CA at Sorrento Valley Pain ReliefOur doctors design a treatment program that is specific to your needs and wellness goals. We take an integrated approach to pain relief so as to give you a comprehensive diagnosis and provide you with a proper health regimen. If you are ready to get your body mechanics and posture back in order, contact the doctors at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center today.


We Offer Free Initial Consultations

We understand that choosing to address your pain can be a difficult decision as it requires dedication on your part. That’s why the doctors and staff members at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA, offer expert services all from within a caring environment. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation.


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