FAQ About Stem Cell Therapy


1. Does iNFINITE WELLNESS Stem Cell Therapy Include Surgery?

No, our Stem Cell Therapy incorporate a strictly non-surgical approach to Chronic pain.

2. Is Stem Cell Therapy Considered Safe?

Yes! We provide 3 patients with a 3-step protocol for treatment. Stem Cell Therapy, Supartz, Cold Laser, and advanced rehabilitation are some of the most requently types of treatments we offer our patients with chronic pain.

3. What Stem Cell Therapy Treatments Are Offered At Scott Medical Center?

  • Stem Cell therapy
  • Cold Laser
  • PRP

4. What types of doctors will be providing treatment?

Our medical professionals are highly trained MD’s. A medical doctor and a nurse practitioner will perform the treatment to assure the highest level of attention to your chronic pain is treated.

5. Does your clinic accept Insurance?

Depending on your provider, your insurance may be accepted. To inquire as to your specific insurance coverage, please call us to receive a complimentary in-office consultation.

6. Where are you located?

We are located in..

7. What are the some common symptoms that qualify for stem cell therapy?

Some common symptoms include:

8. How Much Does It Cost To Partake In Infinite Wellness’s Stem Cell Therapy Program?

Each program is customized based on the individual’s specific requirements. To discuss your chronic pain, please call 800-989-9090 to schedule an appointment at our Infinite Wellness Location.

9. Does it really work?

Yes! Patients are seeing quick results after just 2 treatments…

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