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Personal Injury San Diego


A personal injury can be truly challenging. When an individual suffers a personal injury, swift and effective treatment is essential for timely and complete recovery. Whether your personal injury in San Diego CA is caused due to a slip and fall, workplace accident, car accident or any other accident, professionals at the Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center can help you recover.

Personal Injury San Diego CA

Any injury can be difficult for an individual but when an injury occurs due to the neglect of another person or organization, the situation becomes even more complicated. The injured person may need legal advice to make a case against the responsible entity. That is why it becomes even more important to seek the services of skilled and experienced medical professionals. To prove your injury and the compensation you deserve, you need proper documentation and the personal injury experts at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA can help you with it.


The Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center has been designed to serve your best interest. We are committed to your care and well-being. In that spirit, we offer an integrated treatment approach to treat personal injury and pain that includes


• Physical Medicine
• Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
• Chiropractic Care
• Spinal Decompression Therapy
• Cold laser Therapy
• Massage Therapy, and more.


The personal injury physicians at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, CA are fully equipped for excellent care and case management.

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