Pain Management At Home

Pain Management At Home

For most of us, our lives are busy, busy. So, when it comes to dealing with pain we take the quickest options that come our way.

The quickest option, of course, is neglect. Just don’t deal with it. Time expended: A nano-second of thought.

The second quickest option we often think of is pharmaceutical. This takes a second of thought, a thirty-second walk to the medicine cabinet or a fifteen-minute drive to a pharmacy. Find some water, swallow the pill: forty-five more seconds. Total time expenditure: Sixteen minutes, give or take.

Sometimes we forget a few sensible, time-tested, road-tested alternatives to dealing with pain. You can find these pain relievers in the refrigerator or freezer, in your spice rack or with a trip to various offices in town. These are slower techniques than reaching for a pill. Well, some of them are.

Pain is the sign that something is wrong and a medical professional should treat anything beyond temporary pain

Here are some options:


The most overlooked painkiller of them all is volume. Why do you think we scream when we are hurt? We even yell out when we are all alone, so we’re not always calling for help.

Next time you have a headache try putting on some headphones and cranking the volume a bit – not so you hurt your ears. The pain diminishes. Jimi Hendrix, we thank you.


Instead of popping another pill, try popping an ice tray and wrapping some ice in a towel. Take a hammer and crush the ice to make it more effective. Ice, of course, is a great pain reliever.


Clove oil is terrific as a pain reliever for a toothache. Apply with a Q-tip or the end of your finger.


Sore muscles respond beautifully to heat.


Some ailments, like bursitis, make it difficult to walk. But sometimes the best treatment is to move that joint and keep it moving – to walk through the pain until the joint comes around.

Bee stings

What? Isn’t this counter-productive? Yes, of course, bee stings hurt. But some brave souls use bee sting therapy to provoke the body to produce natural cortisol. Patients with arthritis do this by pressing a bee close to the joint that is in pain.  It follows that this is as beneficial as going to a doctor’s office and getting a cortisone injection, which, now that we think on it, also stings a bit. (Recommended bee: Apis mellifera – the Western honey bee.)


With sore muscles, a massage can really work that pain out if you start slowly and keep the massage gentle enough.


A tried and true method used in many parts of the world.


Hypnosis looks very suspect, especially if you see the prank-oriented performances in which hypnotists direct subjects to do silly things or see a movie in which someone snaps their fingers to bring someone in and out of a trance.  In real life, hypnosis is just the power of suggestion imposed on someone in a very relaxed state. It can be an effective way to break through stresses that are keeping your pain revved up.

Needless to say, pain management is a serious concern.  Pain is the sign that something is wrong and a medical professional should treat anything beyond temporary pain. In San Diego, call Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center at (858) 404-5944for an appointment as soon as possible to avoid living with pain or allowing an untreated medical issue to cause further complications or injury.

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