Weight Loss Facts and Misconceptions

Weight Loss Facts and Misconceptions

Weight loss has been in the forefront the past several years. As result pills, powders and unorthodox therapies, as well as a variety of diets have come into the limelight claiming to be effective for weight loss. There are more than 8,000 diet pills on the market. Appetite Suppressants are among the weight loss products.


When looking for an effective appetite suppressant there are several sites online that compare and rate them. Consumer Diet Reviews research requires that each suppressant must pass the following categories:

  • value
  • effectiveness
  • results
  • safety compliance
  • quality
  • long-term results
  • consumer reviews
  • money back guarantee
  • company reputation

Even when using diet aids, exercise is recommended, as well as, the above techniques to aid in or speed up the weight loss

The top 5 appetite suppressants listed on Consumer Diets Review include:

  • RazaLean
  • Phen24
  • Capsiflex
  • NuraTrim
  • Meratol


Of all the brands, RazaLean scored between 97% and 99% in all the categories rated. After that, the effectiveness drops to 85% down to 75% with the other brand names.

RazaLEAN is new within the last year and a half and consumers reported fast fat loss, slimmer waistlines, and healthier BMI’s. RazaLEAN has an ultra-concentrated formula the recommendation to start with only 1 pill per day and one bottle could potentially last more than 2 months.

Other online reviews list other suppressants based on similar criteria.


In the past, there have been many diets and weight loss tactics, as well as, pills, powders, and treatments for weight loss. Not to mention herbal supplements that promise to bring about weight loss.

On a different note, these all carry safety risks. However, there are techniques that are much safer than suppressants.


Some of the recommended techniques include:

  • Eat more fat- as long as its the right kind (nuts, avocado, virgin olive oil); this will cause the small intestines to make oleoylethanolamide that crosses nerve endings and signals the brain so you stop eating.
  • Cut food into small pieces (grapes, berries, nuts, seeds). You’ll eat less because of the perception of more on the plate.
  • Exercise – a 15-minute walk will help rev the metabolism
  • Incorporate fragrant seasonings in cooking
  • Eat rye bread and products, it triggers a lower insulin response and makes you feel fuller
  • Eat breakfast – to jump starts the metabolism. (fruit, whole grain, lean protein, healthy fat).
  • Slow down when eating
  • Set the mood (candlelight and music)


There are more techniques that are similar but these take the front line.

Like other products on the market today, some people profess great success while others get little or no results. Sometimes at great expense.


Even when using diet aids, exercise is recommended, as well as, the above techniques to aid in or speed up the weight loss. It is still an individualized decision whether choosing pills or techniques.

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