3 Ultimate Neck Pain Treatments

3 Ultimate Neck Pain Treatments

Most people do not realize how much work your neck has to do during a day.  The neck has to support and move our heavy head and that makes it prone to injury. It is a delicate balance and even small posture changesor injury can cause acute or neck pain. One of the most effective ways to treat acute and chronic pain is chiropractic care. The neck pain chiropractor San Diego evaluates the whole person and interactions between body parts by weighing several factors, including nutrition, genetics, and level of physical activity. Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Centeroffers neck pain treatment San Diego using chiropractic care that achieves optimal health and wellness. Here are three important neck pain treatments San Diego Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center has to offer.

Neck Mobilization

Mobilization of the cervical spine (neck) is a smooth, non-thrust type of stretch used by neck pain chiropractor San Diego to reduce restriction of motion between the cervical spinal segments.

Manual Traction

The neck pain chiropractor San Diego gently stretches the cervical spine forward and backward. This technique is often combined with mobilization to provide neck pain relief.

Cervical Drop

The neck pain chiropractor San Diego Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center applies a medium to high velocity thrust or gradually increasing downward pressure to reduce the restricted motion of the neck using a special table.

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