3 Painful Neck Conditions Treated By Chiropractor

3 Painful Neck Conditions Treated By Chiropractor

chiropractic San DiegoThe cervical spine or the neck is quite susceptible to trauma due to the high degree of stress associated with holding the head up and the high degree of instability in the neck region. Chiropractic treatment San Diego at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center is a great option for neck pain relief in the long term.


The most common injury to the neck is whiplash injury, caused by a sudden movement of the head that results in the damage to the muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues in the neck and upper back. Sustained generally during a car or sports accident, symptoms of a whiplash injury may take weeks or months to manifest. San Diego chiropractor uses spinal manipulation and other alignment techniques to enable the spine to heal on its own.

Poor Posture

One of the most common causes of neck pain, and sometimes headaches, is poor posture. It’s easy to get into bad posture habits without even realizing it.Chiropractic Treatment San Diego provides lasting pain relief since it realigns the spine and allows it to heal naturally.


Subluxation can be checked by looking in the mirror and seeing your head tilted or one shoulder higher than the other. If someone looks at you from the side they may notice that your head sits forward from your shoulders.San Diego chiropractor uses manual traction, mobilization, cervical drop and several other techniques to relieve neck pain.

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