2 Ultimate Non-invasive Pain Relief Treatments

2 Ultimate Non-invasive Pain Relief Treatments

Conservative, non-invasive treatments should be the first line of defense against pain. Most pain patients can benefit from treatments such as massage therapy. This is because these pain treatments allow body’s internal systems to communicate with each other, thereby promoting natural healing. Such pain treatments are used in combination to provide pain relief to acute and chronic pain patients.


Whether the aim is to reduce pain, improve joint mobility or reduce tension in muscles, massage therapy at San Diego is an ideal treatment option. Regardless of the root cause of pain, massage therapy at San Diego helps to improve blood circulation allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues, promoting healing. Since massage therapy at San Diego utilizes the body’s natural healing potential, the effects are long-lasting and pain is not likely to recur. Massage therapy at San Diego can be used to in patients of all ages, to treat acute and chronic pain from an illness or injury, and prevent pain in the future.


Excessive weight can aggravate pain. Weight loss treatment is an important part of pain management for patients who are overweight. Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center offers medically supervised weight loss programs at San Diego, CA. Weight loss treatment at San Diego, CA can be done in three ways –

Prescription Drug Program

FDA-approved diet pills are prescribed to control hunger and jumpstart weight loss. Individual counseling and exercise components are included to sustain the weight loss.

Metabolic Rate Adjustment

Healthy diet and lifestyle modifications are combined to boost metabolism. The calorie intake is structured around the number of calories you burn daily.

Low-Calorie Program

Customized meal plans are created for rapid weight loss at San Diego, CA.

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