4 Highly Effective Back and Neck Pain Treatments

4 Highly Effective Back and Neck Pain Treatments

Pain is a complex thing. It can be caused due to an underlying condition in a place different from the site of pain. It can present immediately after an injury or develop eventually. Pain is body’s warning to pay attention to an underlying condition but chronic pain can become a disease in itself. Hence, pain treatments require multiple therapies delivered in an integrated manner. The back and neck pain experts at San Diego work on this principle. Here are the various modalities utilized for back and neck pain treatment at San Diego.


Physical therapy aims to decrease pain and increase function using passive therapy and active exercises. Back and neck pain treatment at San Diego, CA with physical therapy includes –

  • ULTRASOUND – Sound waves are used to heal soft tissues and relieve acute pain.
  • TENS – A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator interferes with the pain signals going to the brain, thereby bringing pain relief
  • HEAT AND COLD THERAPY – Heat and cold therapy is used to reduce muscle spasm and inflammation.


One of the most effective back and neck pain treatments at San Diego, CA is chiropractic care. This natural method is used to achieve pain relief and wellness by the back and neck pain treatment chiropractor at San Diego. To facilitate relief, the chiropractor usestreatments such as spinal adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation. A customized plan is developed for each patient depending upon his/her symptoms, history and physical examination.


This ancient form of Chinese medicine is widely practiced across United States. A licensed acupuncturist facilitates lasting relief in cases of back and neck pain treatment at San Diego.

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