3 Incredible Benefits Of Medical Weight Loss Treatment At San Diego

3 Incredible Benefits Of Medical Weight Loss Treatment At San Diego

Being overweight is a great concern. CDC’s 2014 data shows that 69 percent US adults are overweight. Needless to say, overweight or obese people are at a higher risk for hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other diseases. Fighting pain becomes even more difficult for people who are overweight. Losing weight under the guidance of a physician is the fastest and safest way to lose weight. Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center’s weight loss treatment clinic provides medically supervised weight loss treatment in San Diego, California. Doctors develop personalized weight loss treatment plans tailored to your body.


Latest medical weight loss treatment solutions are employed at weight loss treatment clinic at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center. Based on your medical history, dietary habits, reasons for weight loss, weight loss goals, and your feedback, a trained physician works with you to guide you on your journey to achieve a healthy weight.


To reach you target weight, weight loss treatment clinic in San Diego, helps you with multiple weight loss program options.

  • Prescription Drug Program

Diet pills, that are FDA approved, are prescribed to curb hunger and jumpstart weight loss. Nutritional counseling and exercise components are also included in this program.

  • Metabolic Rate Adjustment

Healthy diet and lifestyle modifications are combined to boost metabolism. The number of calories you burn daily are used to structure your exercise, nutrition, and caloric intake after the program.

  • Low-Calorie Program

Personalized meal plans are created for rapid weight loss. San Diego’s weight loss treatment clinic physicians first determine which patients are medically qualified for this program.

  • Skinny Shot

Skinny shot is also offered at weight loss treatment clinic as a weight loss supplement. This Lipotropic-B12 injection has powerful nutrients that improve red blood cells, immune system support, hormone balance, and serotonin production. It also improves liver function, enhances fat metabolism, stimulates detoxification, and improves cholesterol.


A decrease in body weight helps to relieve pain. Weight loss treatment programs are used to keep weight off and manage chronic pain, such as arthritis, neuropathy, and back and knee pain, at San Diego.

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