4 Safest Treatments For Automobile and Sports Injury

4 Safest Treatments For Automobile and Sports Injury

Sports and automobile injuries can result in both acute and chronic pain, preventing you from doing the things that you love. Sometimes symptoms do not present themselves immediately but develop over a period of time. Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego offers a number of solutions that address painful symptoms for automobile injuries and sports injury treatment. Every treatment plan involves a combination of therapies that are personalized to the needs of our patients.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy uses strengthening exercises and body mechanics training to improve mobility and strength, proper body posture and increase overall quality of life. A licensed physical therapist will evaluate your condition and past medical history to create an individual treatment plan that is right for automobile injuries and sports injury treatment patients.


Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that restores the energy flow in your body allowing it to heal naturally. Safe for all, this therapy has virtually no side effects. It is especially effective in case of automobile injuries and sports injury treatment since the symptoms may have appeared gradually and the pain may have become chronic.

Massage Therapy

chiropractorMassage therapy is an effective way to ease discomfort and improve quality of life. Massage is said to release serotonin – body’s natural painkilling substance. This makes it a great way to alleviate pain, making it an important automobile and sports injury treatment.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors focus on bringing the body back to its natural state of alignment by spinal adjustments, correcting posture and other techniques. This is great news for automobile and sports injury patients since in such cases, the body receives sudden, huge force in an impact, throwing it out of alignment. Highly experienced chiropractors at San Diego’s Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center help sports and automobile injury patients achieve freedom from pain under customized treatment plans.

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