3 Amazing Reasons Why Medical Weight Loss Is The Best Way To Shed those Extra Pounds

3 Amazing Reasons Why Medical Weight Loss Is The Best Way To Shed those Extra Pounds

Being overweight is a medical condition. More than one-third of US adults are obese. Excess weight and obesity can lead to hypertension, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, which are preventable. Chronic pain also gets complicated due to excess weight. In short, you need to get rid of that extra weight you are carrying. Medical weight loss is an excellent way to lose weight. It is suitable even for those who have not been successful with other methods of weight loss. Medical weight loss experts at San Diego’s Sorrento Valley explain why medical weight loss trumps any other weight loss technique.


Medical weight loss is achieved under the supervision of a qualified physician. Being overweight is like any other body disorder. That is why medical weight loss physicians at San Diego’s weight loss clinic treat it as such. This increases your chances of losing the extra pounds than if you were trying to do it on your own.


The fact that eating and weight are related is no news. Physicians at Sorrento Valley weight loss clinic counsel you to make healthy food choices with an understanding of how food affects your body such as calorie and portion sizes. Nutrition counseling helps you keep your weight in check long-term unlike other methods of weight loss where weight keeps coming back.


Great medical weight loss programs look at you as a whole person and not just your weight. This is the reason why medical weight loss experts at Sorrento Valley weight loss clinic in San Diego create weight loss plans for you to include full lab work, vitamin supplements, dietary and fitness plans, and appetite suppressants, if required. The entire plan is supervised by a trained and qualified medical professional.

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